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Aprila Stojkovick

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Office Manager

Aprila Stojkovick

Aprila was born in Queens, New York to an Italian American family and raised by her mother and grandmother in Miami Beach. Overcoming adversity is not new to Aprila as she is profoundly deaf and has learned how to lip read in intensive speech therapy.  What sparked Aprila’s interest in the legal arena was her own experience in a drawn out lawsuit she was involved with in her childhood where she met a kind judge trying to enunciate his booming words carefully and with much empathy. That moment resonated with her and gave her the drive to serve a purpose in something greater than herself. 

Aprila’s legal experience includes litigation, bankruptcy and foreclosure in both small and large law firms. She has served as Senior Lead Paralegal in a large law firm and has, most recently, expanded her skills to include office management. Aprila’s beliefs align with FELPA’s innovative vision in that no one’s dreams are too big or too small. 

Aprila’s pride and joy, aside from being a mother to an amazing neurodivergent son, was graduating with her Associate of Science in Criminal Justice from Broward College and graduating cum laude with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Studies from Florida Gulf Coast University. She intends on pursuing her Master’s degree one day. She honors her drive of morals, passion, and creativity, which she derives from her mother and father, both of whom encouraged her to build her life in something she loves. 

When Aprila is not working alongside her FELPA family, she pursues her passion for animals by  working with animal rescues, enjoys quality time with her son, fiancé, and her pets, and enjoys trying out new restaurants, being creative in art and design, and developing new recipes. Aprila is currently learning her family heritage of the Italian language as she and her fiance plan to retire in Italy one day.


  • B.S., Florida Gulf Coast University, Legal Studies, 2020